Merry Christmas from Team activ! Thank you for your valued business in 2023. Wishing you an enjoyable break and a prosperous 2024.

When A little Marketing Creativity and Fun Nails that ROI

We had a little April Fools fun with one of our willing clients and are pleased to announce they had a great return on a very small investment of humour and creativity. Lobster Cottage is a holiday home based in Tenby Pembrokeshire. These clients were open to some April fools fun over the weekend to […]

Planning an effective paid social media campaign

With budgets of any size, a strategic digital marketing approach to paid social media campaigns is often required to ensure your budget works as effectively as it can for you both in the short and long term. You won’t always need to work with a digital marketing specialist to get fast results (though we recommend that you do!), especially if you spend the time to consider these key elements of your campaign.

Deciding which social media channels to use

strategic marketing plan

We can guarantee that this won’t be the first article you’ve read advising you on which social media channels are best to use for your business, but we can guarantee honesty and insight in helping you make the right decision for your strategic marketing plan.

How influencer marketing can form part of your strategy

influencer marketing

When you consider that influencer marketing has been around for more than 15 years it’s astonishing that more brands and businesses aren’t considering influencer marketing as part of their long or short term marketing planning.

LinkedIn for business networking

LinkedIn for business networking LinkedIn has seen a spike in usage throughout 2021 and 2022, perhaps down to the absence of in-person networking thanks to the pandemic, businesses started to delve into the opportunity of online networking, which LinkedIn is perfect for.  One of the biggest opportunities that LinkedIn presents is to connect with the […]

How often should you post new content on social and your website?

Content marketing is the process of producing new content regularly and is an essential part of a successful online business strategy. Content marketing is important across all industries and business models and includes blogging, vlogging and social media posts. In this post we will tell you exactly why your business needs regular content and how […]

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