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Planning an effective paid social media campaign


Are you looking to improve brand awareness? Find more consumers for your business or products? Social media can usually be the first port of call for many businesses of all shapes and sizes. It’s free to create channels and with the correct planning and engagement methods, you can get great results organically, but reaching a wider audience faster and more effectively can often involve paid social media.

With budgets of any size, a strategic digital marketing approach to paid social media campaigns is often required to ensure your budget works as effectively as it can for you both in the short and long term. You won’t always need to work with a digital marketing specialist to get fast results (though we recommend that you do!), especially if you spend the time to consider these key elements of your campaign.

  1. Objective

Creating a paid social media campaign on any platform will always require you to set your objectives. Do you want more Facebook fans? Do you want to encourage downloads of your newly launched app? Do you want more video views? Or are you just after higher engagement on a specific post. Spend some time outlining exactly what you want to achieve before you begin.


  1. Specify your audience

These days we need to know a little more about our audience other than just their gender and their age. Specifically defining our audience members down to their interests on Facebook, their relationship status or even based on their other social media profiles can all help to make your paid social media campaign more successful. You can rest safe in the knowledge that you’re reaching the exact people you want to attract.


  1. Which platforms?

There are many to choose from and selecting the right ones is crucial to success. Often selecting where you have biggest organic success is the best place to begin, but it depends on your objectives. Different platforms will offer different opportunities for your business and it’s important to seek advice from a digital marketing specialist who can analyse these channels in depth for you.


  1. Get your tracking setup correctly

This is where a strategic digital marketing approach comes into play. Boosting an ad and hoping for the best is not a good use of your budget or brand reputation in the long term. You need to be able to see where your customers are going after they have clicked or interacted with your advert, do they visit the website? Are they making a purchase? Or are they reading your blogs? Setting up tracking pixels, insight tags and GA tracking is important to assess your campaign success as well as provide learnings for future improvements.


  1. Set budgets

Being clear on how much budget you can truly allocate to a quality paid social media campaign will stand you in good stead for a strong campaign. A good digital marketing specialist will ensure your budget works as hard as it can to get the best possible results for your business and they’ll allocate it accordingly taking all of the above tips into consideration whilst they build your campaign.


  1. Optimisation

Setting a social media campaign live is one thing, but monitoring your ads and optimising them throughout the campaign period is where there is real opportunity for businesses to get ahead. Actively managing them and responding to the variables and valuable insights you’re presented with is something a digital marketing specialist can support you with at activ.


If you’d like to tackle paid social media in 2023 and beyond, we can offer a strategic digital marketing approach for you and business. Get in touch with one of the team today for a no obligation proposal.

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