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LinkedIn for business networking


LinkedIn for business networking

LinkedIn has seen a spike in usage throughout 2021 and 2022, perhaps down to the absence of in-person networking thanks to the pandemic, businesses started to delve into the opportunity of online networking, which LinkedIn is perfect for. 

One of the biggest opportunities that LinkedIn presents is to connect with the most influential people in your industry that you may never have had the chance to do in person before. Developing relationships on LinkedIn can add value to your business, your personal career and present new business opportunities. Take a look at our tips on how to network like a pro.

  • Fully optimise your profile

Think about first time face-to-face impressions, the same applies to your LinkedIn profile. Check that all sections of your profile are complete using LinkedIn’s handy tool. Your profile photo should be a nice professional looking headshot (that you can easily take at home!) and your headline (which sits directly beside your profile photo) should be attention grabbing and emphasise how connecting with you will benefit your connections. 

  • Ask for recommendations

It’s simple to ask a connection that you have a long-standing relationship with to provide you with a recommendation, particularly past clients or colleagues. It’s a similar process to asking for a job reference and offers your profile credibility and authority. Writing recommendations for other people can also prompt them to return the favour. 

  • Connect!

Your profile will appear as established if you have 500 connections or more, but that doesn’t mean you should go head first into adding as many connections as possible. It’s important to seek relevance from your connections, which could be made up of colleagues, either from within your business or within your industry. Connecting with potential new clients or employers is also valuable. You should also take the time to personalise your connection invitation so your connection feels valued in your approach. 

  • Consider your content

Whether your strategy is to entertain your connections, encourage engagement, inspire your network, teach them something new or provide them with a story, it’s important to share a real mixture of content that’s suitable for your target audience. 

  • Engage with other content

LinkedIn algorithms are fairly powerful at showing existing connections or potential new connections what you’ve been up to on the channel. So everytime you like or comment on a post that someone else has shared, that information is stored on your profile and appears in your connections’ home feeds. Therefore, relevance is key here again, ensure you’re engaging with content that you’re aspiring to within your industry or from connections you’d like to make in the future. 

In summary, building a successful LinkedIn profile and making valuable business connections can take time and often needs your own personal touch for it to be meaningful. We can help you build a LinkedIn strategy for you, your team, a business development department or your entire workforce. Give us a call today to discuss your LinkedIn needs.

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