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How often should you post new content on social and your website?


Content marketing is the process of producing new content regularly and is an essential part of a successful online business strategy. Content marketing is important across all industries and business models and includes blogging, vlogging and social media posts. In this post we will tell you exactly why your business needs regular content and how often you should be producing it.



Adding new, fresh content to your website shows the search engines that your business is activ and relevant. Additionally your goal should be to produce content that directly answers common questions that your ideal client might be asking in Google. This way your website will score highly by providing appropriate content.



By producing regular content you can become recognised very quickly as the expert in your field. If you are showing that you understand your industry well and the giving valuable information to your readers then you gain credibility. Ideally your content should have the share factor which means that your readers can see so much value in what you have created that they share with others who would benefit too.



When you produce content that your potential or existing clients are interested in it gives them an opportunity to get to know you and your business a little better. The process of building relationships with your audience is key in digital marketing because you are able to show the human behind the brand and demonstrate that you understand the problems your ideal clients are experiencing. This human side of business is very important, after all, people want to do business with people.

Everytime you publish fresh content you could also be potentially starting a conversation with an existing or potential client. These seemingly small conversations are where business transactions can begin. Never underestimate the power of engagement.



By consistently showing up, building relationships and showing expertise you will be forefront in the mind of your audience. They won’t all necessarily need your services as soon as they read your posts but if you can engage them and hold their attention then you will be remembered. As soon as they need your product/service your business will be the first they think of. As an extension to this, they might even recommend you to others in their network who would benefit from your expertise.



Here at activ, we love the saying, ‘Advertising tells people what you do, content marketing proves it.’

It reminds us the value in producing content that puts your business practices in the spotlight and gives you the opportunity to really show what you do. A sales page just aims to get conversions but content aims to give people a reason to convert in the first place.



Here is the big question, now you know the importance of content marketing, how much time do you need to set aside to do it properly? The truth is that the magic words are ‘consistency’ and ‘quality’. There is a danger that once businesses recognise the power of content marketing they throw themselves into it and try to do too much which isn’t sustainable with their already busy schedules. This can lead to a content flurry and then a sudden stop which doesn’t serve your business, lead to meaningful relationships or improve your SEO. The quality of such content flurries is often poor as quantity and speed is prioritised over excellence.

So to summarise, you ideally want to produce a blog a month consistently that is high in quality, speaks to your ideal client and positions you as an expert. With regards to social media you want to create a strategy in which you produce regular content for your followers to engage with but one that is sustainable and manageable in your day to day business.



We knows how busy you are, we also understand that producing high quality content isn’t everyone’s favourite thing to do especially when they have a business to run! This is why we want to help you. Contact us today for a no obligation chat to see where we fit in.

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