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Why marketing should be central to your new start-up

small business marketing

Small business marketing can often feel like an unnecessary cost when you begin your business planning, however, we’re here to dispel those rumours and prove why it’s essential to include a strategic marketing plan in all new start-up businesses.

Unless you’re running a marketing business, where to start is usually baffling to most start-up business owners and you can often spend a lot of time on social media, simply ‘hoping for the best’ without a clear direction in mind. It’s time to set some goals, objectives and form a marketing strategy plan to get the most out of your small budget.


Establishing your brand

You may have the best services or products in the marketplace, but unless you spend a little time developing your brand with a marketing specialist, the chances of reaching your target audience are significantly reduced. Developing your brand puts your business at the top of the list when a potential customer is in need.


Besides building your brand and becoming the go-to business for your product or service. Good marketing is designed to boost your sales. Making a sale gives you endless opportunities to build on that relationship from requesting reviews, asking to be recommended and building on existing customer loyalty.

Enhance your reputation

Building a reputation for a start-up can be challenging. Everything is new and you’re attracting a lot of new business and attention. Managing your reputation online through all of your touchpoints like the website, social media channels, Google reviews, TrustPilot, TripAdvisor and many more avenues can feel overwhelming. A strong marketing strategy plan will help you build a positive reputation and continue to manage, build and develop that reputation with smart communications.

Staying ahead of the curve

Running a start-up requires time, patience and stamina – but you already know this! Your marketing support should ensure that you and your business are staying ahead of all the latest trends, conversations, developments and the competition. Whether this is through social media, current affairs or generally keeping an eye on the ever-changing marketplace, marketing is crucial to supporting business growth.

Saving you valuable time

Reaching your target audience will be much faster, more cost-effective and more streamlined if you’re working with a marketing specialist. Effective marketing planning and execution will make you easily discoverable and increase engagement with your brand so you can get on with building the successful business that you set out to run. 

What next?

If you’re looking for help with small business marketing then we have a range of services to be able to support your new business venture. From SEO services to branding services and everything in between, let us support you to put your new business on the map, survive the competition and grow the business for the long term. We can even provide interim marketing manager services so you can hit the ground running from the word go. We’re pleased to have been able to support so many business ventures already of all industries and sizes. Learn more about activ and meet the team.

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