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10 reasons to have a professionally built website

There’s no reason why a business owner shouldn’t have a website, unless, of course, they are not interested in growing their business!

Today, creating a website or online store is pretty easy. It is inexpensive and you don’t need to be a techie to be able to manage your site. But having a website isn’t enough. You need an awesome website that will grab eyeballs and retain customer interest. You need an experienced web design agency to build a stunning business enhancing website for you.

Here are 10 reasons why your business should invest in an awesome website.


A well designed website creates the right first impression for your visitors. It shows that you have taken the efforts to offer a quality experience to your website visitors. Further, it shows your commitment to your business. It also shows that you are here for the long haul. All of these things show that you are a professional organisation that’s here to stay.

2. SEO

A whopping 81% of people do some online research before buying something. Even though social media has changed the way we search for information and shop, search engines still lead the pack when people are looking to buy something.

And what happens if you don’t have a website? You won’t show up when your prospective customers are searching for the products/services you offer. Without a website, you are virtually invisible on the Internet!

A website cannot only help with your online presence, a well designed and SEO-optimised website can help improve your brand visibility and get your business found via Google. You can optimise your website and add content regularly to stay on the top of your SEO-game.


A professionally built website helps improve customer engagement by lowering the bounce rate and keeping people on the site for longer.

If your website is not appealing enough, you can expect that most of your visitors will exit your site within a few seconds and head over to your competitors’ sites.


People begin their purchasing journey with research as well as referrals from social networks and peers. Studies suggest that once a customer knows what they want, they begin their research.

Your competitors are raking in the cash with their online presence. If you don’t have an awesome website, you are sending away your prospective customers to your competition.


Reputation can make or break a brand. And everything you do including your website has an impact on your reputation. An aesthetically appealing and highly functional website can help create the right reputation for your brand.


Once you have set-up your website, it calls for minimal maintenance on a daily basis. Advertising your business becomes easy this way. Of course, this does not mean that you completely ignore your website for years on end. You do need an effective content marketing strategy. But a well designed website can make things easy and quick for you. And with content management systems like Bull’s bespoke closed source secure software, website management becomes really easy, quick and hassle-free.


Do you ever feel like shopping from a store that’s cluttered and chaotic with no clear order process? The same holds true for your online store too. If your ecommerce store is designed in a manner that makes shopping a delight, you can expect a lot more sales than with a cluttered-looking online store. A stunningly designed website can make shopping and ordering a breeze for your customers, which will have a direct impact on your sales figures.


A brick and mortar store has its limitations. And a major limitation is the number of hours you can stay open in a day. A business website or an ecommerce shop allows you to stay open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

A stellar online store can boost your sales dramatically, especially when you consider that your customers are not limited to any geography. Moreover, an online presence helps with your marketing campaigns, customer service, brand recognition, and every other aspect of revenue generation.

You can boost your online presence further with marketing strategies such as email marketing, social media marketing and content marketing to generate new leads and grow your business exponentially.


A website shouldn’t just be your virtual business card. An efficient website is one that can convert customers. A well crafted website will not only display information about your products/services, it will convert visitors into leads/customers.

Managing a website is inexpensive. A well-crafted website has the power to propel your business to greater heights while delivering high ROI when compared to other advertising channels such as TV, radio and newspaper.


Your website is not just a place to display your products or provide an outline about your services. You can provide brief video tutorials or downloadable PDF brochures for example. By providing valuable information, you are not only showcasing your expertise, you are also ensuring that customers don’t go anywhere else to make their purchase.


There you go. Those are 10 of the most important reasons why you need an awesome website for your business. We build websites that enlighten visitors, whilst engaging and convert them into leads. Contact us for details.

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