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Meet the team: Tyrone Fernandez


A day in the life of our Lead Developer, Tyrone Fernandez

“As a lead developer, I always make sure to be flexible, efficient and analytical when it comes to my day-to-day tasks in order to give my full technical support not only to our clients but to my colleagues as well.

Here, I will give you a peek of how my day goes and how I deal with the constant challenges that come my way… 

Flexibility is key

Before I come in, I try to plan my day, then I manage my tasks list and come up with a priority list for the day.  If I’m lucky, my day will go as planned, but that rarely happens (LOL!).

I do my best to cover as many tickets or tasks as possible within each day, but if there are urgent issues, my whole plan totally changes.  If there are scheduled projects or bespoke work within my day, I still try to get on a few tickets so that my ticket list doesn’t pile up. This is the part where I really need to be flexible all the time, as it’s key to achieving the results that are expected of me.

Analytical listening in problem solving

Jumping from one ticket to another is one of the most challenging parts of my day. But I can say that I really enjoy the part where I need to understand each ticket or task that needs a technical solution because I like analysing problems and feel a different level of satisfaction whenever I come up with a solution.

As an example, when handling support tickets I try to solve the problem alone by doing a lot of debugging from the plugin issues rather than create a ticket to the plugin developer and wait for them for ages to respond before a plugin issue gets resolved.  So might as well resolve it on our end to keep the waiting time of the franchisees and clients to a minimum (although sometimes it takes a lot of time to debug. Haha!).

Always ready to lend a helping hand

In terms of bespoke work or project, I try to come up with the best design and technical solution for the franchisees and clients.  It makes my day every time I am able to help franchisees, clients, or colleagues solve a technical problem or give a long term solution that they can use.  The flexibility to juggle franchisees or internal support in a day is the part I like the most because I love taking on challenges and lending a helping hand.  I feel content when I can solve the problems right away.

It’s true that I am faced with a lot of challenges everyday and that it might get overwhelming at times, but what’s more important to me is the sense of accomplishment I get at the end of the day.  The challenges come constantly, which means I get to expand my knowledge and skills constantly as well.”

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