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All of the marketing bits and bobs

Creating the right impression from the outset is important with a new business. We’d recommend getting your branding and marketing setup from the word go so you’re not chasing your tail later on down the line.

Here’s a summary of the key items we think you need to consider when it comes to planning a budget for branding and marketing:

1. Branding

This goes far beyond just a simple logo. You might want to consider how you use the brand across multiple platforms like flyers, stationery, banners, adverts, social media, website design and promotional graphics. It’s important that a professional business has everything neatly packaged up so things look uniform, neat and tidy. All of this can be pulled together into some handy brand guidelines that you can always refer back to when you have further work completed.

2. Website

We’re big advocates for small businesses investing in their online presence and whether you plan to physically sell a product online or not, your website is an extended shop window into your business easily accessible by many more people than simply who lives locally. You should spend some time considering this and looking at competitor websites in comparison.

3. Social Media

An essential part to your setup! But it can be a minefield and there are lots of channels to choose from, some of which might not be relevant to your business type. You should review what time you have, what staff you have or what agencies you might like to work with that can support you in your social media adventure. Read more about social media management here (Link to SMM campaign).

4. Digital Marketing Investment

There may be tools you want to consider like Search Engine Optimisation to promote your website and Google Ads or Pay-Per-Click advertising to get some quick wins and conversions from your new investment. The list here is endless so it’s important to consider what you might need for your business type.

5. Photography, Images, Video

When it comes to all of the above, you really need some great images to show off your products or services. You should consider hiring a photographer or videographer to help you get the best promotional assets of your business that you can use in advertising, on our website, in social media posts and in print.

Of course, Activ can help with all of these marketing investments – you need look no further! Take a look at our marketing packages and pricing to get you started.

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