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activ CEO Katie Bullon Shortlisted for National Great British Entrepreneur Awards

We are thrilled to announce that our CEO, Katie Bullon, has been shortlisted for the prestigious Creative Entrepreneur of the Year category at the 2024 Allica Bank Great British Entrepreneur Awards.

This year’s diverse shortlist, featuring businesses with a combined turnover of nearly £2.9 billion and approximately 20,000 employees, underscores the significant role these enterprises play in driving economic growth and innovation. This recognition comes at a crucial time when visionary leadership is essential in navigating the dynamic business landscape.

Since acquiring activ Digital Marketing in 2021, Katie has exemplified authentic leadership. Under her guidance, our company has experienced substantial growth, tripling its turnover in just three years. Achieving this growth while prioritising integrity and trust has been fundamental, earning the confidence of our team, consultants, and clients. Katie’s leadership style is hands-on and inclusive, fostering an environment that balances productivity with happiness.

From her days as a university student to leading a prominent digital marketing company, Katie’s journey is a testament to dedication and expertise. Managing budgets of £1 million in previous marketing roles has equipped her with unique leadership skills in the current climate. Her commitment to our team’s personal and professional growth, coupled with a supportive atmosphere encouraging innovation and collaboration, has cultivated a loyal and motivated workforce.

Katie leads by example, actively participating in all aspects of the business and ensuring no idea is off the table. This philosophy has driven our company’s success and justified her nomination for the Creative Entrepreneur of the Year award.

This recognition comes as activ Digital Marketing experiences a forward shift in momentum, demonstrating that we have the best consultants and the most robust framework to support them. Our growth stems from an improved franchise model (that’s how we recruit our consultants), a new consultant-led trading brand, an ambitious and supportive consultant support panel, and a focus on profitability while maintaining authenticity in our approach. Our model adapts to individual skills and aspirations, ensuring our consultants are equipped to provide the best service to activ clients all over the UK.

As a former activ consultant with expert insights into the business framework, Katie has led this dynamic approach, resulting in a significant increase in inquiries and conversion rates, with several new consultants welcomed in recent months.

Our consultants are thrilled about this national recognition. Lisa Smith, who has been with activ covering the North Essex territory for 16 years, says, “We are thrilled to see Katie recognised for her exceptional leadership and creativity. Her ability to inspire and lead with authenticity has been instrumental in our growth and success. This nomination is a well-deserved acknowledgment of her hard work and dedication.”

New recruit Lou Eddy, who has already found success with her Basingstoke activ Digital marketing consultancy, believes Katie’s leadership inspires many women in business. “Katie presented the activ Digital Marketing opportunity as fantastic, but her passion and approach to business, especially as a female in a competitive industry, were the real hooks for me. She has fostered a creative and safe environment where business growth is tangible, and I’m delighted this has been recognised by the Great British Entrepreneur Awards.”

The Allica Bank Great British Entrepreneur Awards celebrate entrepreneurs who demonstrate innovation, creativity, and leadership. With notable past winners like Steven Bartlett, these awards highlight exceptional talent. Being shortlisted in the Creative Entrepreneur of the Year category underscores our significant contributions to the digital marketing industry. Winners will be revealed at Grosvenor House in London on Monday, 18 November 2024.

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